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Cloud Backup and Migration for Office 365

Skykick helps IT solution providers build more successful cloud businesses. Their SaaS products and platform are designed to make it easy and efficient for IT partners to migrate, backup, and manage their customers in the cloud.


Reduce risk, increase profitability, and unlock customers

Automate migrations with SkyKick Migration Suites


2X+ Risk Reduction


2X+ Number of Projects



Cloud Backup: Ideal second service for Office 365 Customers

Protect your customers, deepen your relationship, increase recurring revenue




Increase Annual
Recurring Revenue


Promote Customer


5-10x Revenue
Business Value

95% SkyKick partners saw a material increase in profitability

94% SkyKick partners are “extremely satisfied” and “likely to recommend SkyKick”

Office 365 Migration Suite

The SkyKick Migration Suite is an automated migration project toolset that ensures a secure and flawless move of all email data to Office 365 with no interruption of mail flow and little or no effort for end users.

It starts with email. Millions of SMBs want to move to Office 365, but over 90% have yet to do so. This makes migrations to Office 365 a huge opportunity for IT partners to get them the share of the $40 billion in Office 365 cloud services projected by 2022.1


Migrate from a variety of source platforms, including Exchange, POP, IMAP, Google and Office 365 to Office 365

  • 90% of manual tasks automated
  • Comprehensive Outlook setup
  • Unlimited, free, technical support

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Office 365 Cloud Backup

Protect customer’s Office 365 data with SkyKick Cloud Backup. Get the peace of mind, knowing that if data is lost, a fast search and 1-click restore will get it right back where it was, so everyone can stay productive.

Most Comprehensive backup solution for Office 365


Unlimited Backup & Retention for Fixed Price:

  • Up to 6 backups/day
  • 1-click restore with no overwrites
  • Bring your own Azure

Backup and restore all your Exchange Online, SharePoint and OneDrive for Business data, including:

  • Emails, files and folders
  • Full mailboxes and calendars, and all contacts, tasks, and more

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